Registration and Setup:  
I found the Sand's registration and download process to be very fast and easy. There are two software versions to choose from, based on the speed of your Internet connection. These are 3.02 and 4.0 versions. The 4.0 offers much better graphics as well as more options. I like 4.0 however, 3.02 works well too. After the download (which basically installs itself) you'll need to register, which takes place when you first enter the casino. During registration, you'll encounter a prompt encouraging you to make a back-up copy of your user information.

If you download the Lite version of the software (the fast connection), you will need to do a one-time installation of each game before you can play it. (Personally, I like this option because your computer isn't being clogged up with games that you'll never play!)

When you choose a game in the casino and it's not installed on your system, you will be sent to a separate download screen. It may be in your best interest to go ahead and download all of the games (that you like) at this time. It will save you from having to pop back and forth to the download section.

Note: I found the posted download times to be a lot higher than they actually are. I was able to snag five games in just a few minutes on a cable modem.

Total Registration/Setup Time:
10 minutes

Credit Cards accepted:  
Visa and MasterCard

Other forms of Deposits:  
Wire Transfer, Check and Electronic Check

Minimum required deposit:  

Games offered:  
Traditional casino fare, including Multi-player versions of Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette. They also have a fully-featured Sportsbook, with parlay, futures, squares, teasers and more.  All totaled, more than 50 games are available in their software version 4.0, including Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker, a Rags to Riches Slot Machine, and Bonus Let it Ride Poker!

Games  played:  
Red Dog, Multi-player Blackjack and Video Poker were my games of choice. I was VERY impressed by the realism of each game!

Bonus and incentive programs:  
Many exciting incentives are available at
The Sands:  Deposit $200 or more and receive $75 in free casino chips each and every month. A daily drawing gives four lucky players a $25 bonus. There are ten $100 monthly random drawings, a $5 bonus on your first deposit when you use Electronic Check Processing, and a $20 referral bonus - which is one of the HIGHEST referral bonuses around!

The Sands also boasts 3 terrific Comps programs, each allowing you to earn points for playing. Points can be cashed in for anything from sports tickets, Tag Heuer watches and vacations. What an incredible selection of prizes!!

Player chat room:  
Players can chat while playing one of their three Multi-player games. I had a nice talk with "Marilyn," who proceeded to dominate at the table with her streak of blackjacks.

Customer Service/Tech Support:  
Customer service is available by a toll free phone number or by e-mail. When I called the hotline, I was greeted by a short recording. Just a few seconds later and I was transferred to a "live" operator who was courteous and helpful. The phone connection was surprisingly good.

Transaction log: 
You can view a description of your transactions at the Cashier by choosing Statement, then Current Statement. I had a peek at mine and everything seemed to be correct.

Cashing out:  
When it's time to cash-out, you can have your money credited back to your credit card, sent by company check, or transferred by electronic check. For your security, you cannot cash out until you receive your permanent PIN number which is sent by postal mail.

With PIN in hand, cashing out at The Sands is a very easy process. It's only a matter of seconds before your withdrawal request is complete.

Final Thoughts: 
Brilliant graphics and exciting games combined with fabulous player incentives make The Sands of the Caribbean a winner!


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