"GAMBLERS LOBBY"  

Registration and Setup:   
The Gamblers Lobby website is a breeze to navigate.  Their RTG-powered software can be downloaded right from their homepage, and installs quickly.  Account setup was a short, one page form that got all of the relevant information.  You can view the casino and play the games for free, then play for real, and deposit some cash when you are ready to start doubling that money.  All in all, the Gamblers Lobby software download and installation was very fast, easy, and hitch free.  They rank right up there with other popular casinos.

Total Registration/Setup Time:  
2-3 minutes

Credit Cards accepted:  
Visa and MasterCard

Other forms of Deposits:  
FirePay, check, and wire transfer. 

Games offered:  
About 13 games including, slots, blackjack, 5 poker variations, roulette, baccarat, keno, war, and Red Dog.  Plus, there were no fewer than 15 video poker variations!

Games I played:  
Blackjack, slots, roulette, and Jacks or Better Poker.

Bonus and incentive programs:   
$150 for $150 initial deposit bonus, 30% for $1000.00 deposit on Paypal.

Customer Service/Tech Support:  
24/7 phone and email support.  I sent an email to support asking about deposit options, and got a reply in less than 5 minutes.  Similarly, I called the phone support and talked to a nice guy who was very eager to answer questions.  I had an initial problem depositing cash using my FirePay account, and this support rep already knew that their ability to accept FirePay was temporarily down.  He said the problem would be fixed soon, and sure enough, it was fixed about 5 minutes after I hung up the phone.  Casino software (especially the banking portion) is complex software.  Often, casinos rely on outside sources to finalize cash transactions.  With this in mind, things are not always going to be working.  I have no trouble with this.  But I do have trouble with customer support reps who have no clue what current state the casino servers and connections are in.  Big kudos for Gamblers Lobby customer service for not only knowing that there was a temporary problem with their FirePay systems, but telling the truth about it as well.  Nice work, folks..

Transaction log:  
A transaction log for games is kept by Gamblers Lobby, and is available upon request.  A log of bank transactions was available from the casino software for users.  I checked this immediately after depositing cash, and the transaction was visible.

Cashing out:  
Withdrawing your money is very easy.  You can choose to have your cash sent via wire transfer, overnight express, Western Union, or credit card.  From the Gamblers Lobby website, it seems that using the courier methods is free the first time each month.

Final Thoughts:  
I hadn't checked out the Gamblers Lobby until a user told me they were a classy operation.  We check out a lot of new casinos, but it takes some time to get to them all.  After hearing some positive comments, we bumped Gamblers Lobby up to the top of our "must see" list.  I've gotta say, this is a top quality casino to play at.  Everything at Gamblers Lobby adds up to a top notch casinos.  First, their software download and registration process is quick, easy, and works like a charm.  One gold star..  Second, the Gamblers Lobby is powered by Real Time Gaming, which makes some outstanding casino software.  Their games are rich in color and have good animation and realistic sound.  Most importantly, the games are FUN and seem fair.  Two gold stars..  Third, aside from offering comp points for every dollar you wager, Gamblers Lobby is giving away $150 when you deposit $150!  What a steal!  Three gold stars..  And last, the Gamblers Lobby customer service is prompt and responsive.  My phone call was answered on the first ring, and my email to them was answered in minutes.

How did I do playing?  Great!  I deposited $20 for starters, and was up to $75 in 10 minutes of playing both blackjack and Jacks or Better poker.  Both games are a blast to play, and seemed quite "fair" in comparison to other casinos online.  The Gamblers Lobby is a poker player's dream, as there are a lot of variations to consider.  The Gamblers Lobby slots are beautiful, and animated very nicely.  They have slots that range from 5 cents a play to 1 dollar.

All in all, the Gamblers Lobby is a casino very worthy of being a Trusted Site of Gamblers Paradice.  Give em a shot!.


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